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Ron Paul campaign acquires all remaining Coachella Tickets

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“Everywhere I go across the country, my supporters ask me the same questions: When will we pull out of Afghanistan, how will you bring down our nation’s debt, and can you get us tickets to Coachella?” Paul continued, “I’m the only candidate in this race with a plan to do all of those things.”

“Our plan is to scalp the tickets at Coachella,” explained Paul’s campaign manager John Tate.  “But we’re only selling them to tried and true Paul supporters.  If you can’t explain what the Gold Standard is, you isn’t getting a ticket.”

Paul’s campaign website crashed within minutes of the announcement, as a flurry of would-be supporters flocked to the site looking for tickets.  “I’ve never voted in my life, but when I learned he had tickets, I was like, ‘where do I register?’” said Dan Santini, a self-described “employee of Mother Earth” from San Jose.  As for how Paul was able to get any tickets to the sold out event, he was reportedly able to cozy up to retiring Congressman Jerry Lewis – who represents the Coachella Valley – and was given exclusive privileges over the public on discounted tickets.  “I’m retiring, so what do I care?” remarked the 77 year-old Lewis.

The idea to acquire and distribute Coachella tickets is a stroke of genius on the part of the Paul campaign, as even the candidate admits, “Libertarians, by and large, are just Republicans who want to take drugs and listen to music.”


By: Sam Rodriguez


Rick Santorum succeeds in minimizing Ron Paul

By Jennifer Rubin

Ryan Lizza wrote a column a few days ago citing the five things liberal journalists are rooting for in the Republican presidential primary, including a Ron Paul win in Iowa, a Jon Huntsman win in New Hampshire and a brokered convention. None of those things are happening, telling you how isolated from reality these political “gurus” are.


There is a special irony that the man who put Ron Paul in his place and thereby did his party a great service is none other than Rick Santorum, who is the Republican most despised by the left. His views on abortion and gay marriage, not to mention his robust foreign policy, are an anathema to the left. There is no candidate who has been more mocked or ridiculed than he.

But let’s consider what he accomplished in relegating Ron Paul to third place. He spared Iowa and the party more generally from the ignominy of rewarding the man responsible for racist newsletters and bizarre views on Iran and 9/11. In Lizza’s dream world, Ron Paul is the “winner,” no matter what the results. In fact, a pro-freedom, hawkish national security outlook triumphed. It was a central part of Santorum’s message, and it was a view embraced by Mitt Romney as well.

The GOP nominee, whether Romney or Santorum, will be staunchly in favor of a military option, if needed, to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. He or she will be exceptionally critical of Obama’s foreign policy, especially his treatment of Israel. He or she will be a robust defender of religious freedom around the world and opposed to the dictator-coddling stance that the left favors. He or she will be opposed to slashing defense.

Santorum also deserves credit for insisting that foreign policy be a key part of the campaign. He could have played it down, but in his stump speech and interviews he persisted in calling attention to the dangers the United States faces and in calling for ample defense spending. He disproved the notion that you have to talk purely about what the polls tell us voters want to hear.

In sum, the isolationist left should be glum. Santorum dashed their hopes that the kooky, isolationist segment of the electorate would get a real foothold. In doing so, Santorum showed he is in touch with the actual Republican Party, not the crackpot party that exists in the dreams of liberal reporters.

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Another Great Day For America

Mitt Romney, once again, proved that spending millions of dollars in a political campaign isn’t worth a spit if voters don’t like you.

Same goes for Rick – Oops – Perry.

Iowa also proved that a candidate with little money – Rick Santorum – can slug it out with the big boys the old fashioned way. And somehow Newt Gingrich, the target of millions of dollars in negative TV ads, still did well enough to stay in the race and make Mitt Romney’s political life a living hell.

Get your popcorn ready.

As I’m writing this the final tally has not been announced, but it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the final vote count Romney lost. He needed a big win in Iowa in order to be able to enter New Hampshire with his focus solely on defeating Obama. Now he still has to still fight it out with Gingrich AND Santorum.

The President could not have scripted a more favorable republican primary.

Mitt Romney’s bottom line: after campaigning in Iowa since he lost to Mike Huckabee in ’08, with a well run political organization on the ground and millions to spend blanketing the airwaves, 75% of Caucus goers still wanted somebody else.

Lots of people don’t respond well to Mitt Romney, and I think I know why. Mitt is not the top 1%, he’s the top .001%, which is fine. He may not have more money than God, but they belong to the same country club.

That’s not the problem. The problem is he tries to pass himself off as regular guy. He once quipped to a group of unemployed workers, ‘I’m out of work, too!.’ His blue jeans are pressed. He eats pizza with a fork.

The good news: The 2012 Presidential is officially under way. The process may not always be pretty and there’s too much money spent campaigning, but Iowa showed that money doesn’t always buy elections. Even though – technically – this was a caucus and not an election.

Regardless, it’s another great day for America.

Ron Paul looks distressed at the end (11:33pm) of the Iowa Caucus votes

[POST of The Week] Pictures: Ron Paul Praises KKK Leader, David Duke in 1990

“Liberals are notoriously blind to see the sociological effects of their own progress. David Duke was hurt by his past. How many more Dukes are waiting in the wings without such as taint?” As a Republican, I hope there are no David Dukes “in the wings” because David Duke is a disgusting racist.

Either Ron Paul wrote this himself or he, once again, “didn’t read” the article before his name got slapped on it. Here’s the entire article:

The Iowa Caucus Votes are about to be Stolen

I’m not a Ron Paul Fan, but something is very wrong with moving votes to a secret place to be counted.

If Ron Paul has Iowa stolen from him, then violent revolution has become inevitable, as John F. Kennedy warned.

Iowa GOP moving vote-count to ‘undisclosed location’: to prevent a Ron Paul victory.

Threats to disrupt the Iowa Republican caucuses next week have prompted state GOP officials to move the vote tabulation to an “undisclosed location,” POLITICO has learned.

Michael Savage – Ron Paul ‘A Dangerous Old Lunatic’

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