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Gingrich On Obama: "I Don’t Want To Bloody His Nose, I Want To Knock Him Out"


Question at town hall: “What I’ve been looking for in my candidate is fire in the belly. We’ve got to bloody Obama’s nose. You’ve mentioned challenging him to seven, three-hour debates. He has this armor of media surrounding him. If he doesn’t agree to that, how do you plan to aggressively take the gloves off and go after him?”
Newt Gingrich: “Let me say first of all, I don’t want to argue with you about the analogy. I don’t want to bloody his nose, I want to knock him out.”


Facebook & DHS Has Been Tracking You and Your Friends


By Kim Paris

Do you realize that with FB’s anti-privacy “improvements,” any page that you Like (even to just keep an eye on things) when you mention them you automatically show up on their public wall? Take our friends at Dept. of Homeland Security here – I see several of my friends from our little cyber politics world. And having just figured this out, some are freaking out! Look at their posts. As for me, I’m probably setting off alarms by spreading this to all my groups. Looks like many of us may find ourselves in detention at Gitmo. Hope they at least offer us an unsustainable bar tab.
And be careful who or what you Like!

Successful Blog Metrics

It has been only a month of diligent blogging, with almost no hits in the first couple of weeks. I started out invisible with only a name in the search engine on yahoo and Tagging blog posts works very well on wordpress, and they show analytics of views and clicks on each blog post as they happen. Still learning how to drum up traffic — So far, so good.

I have comment settings approved to be posted immediately; no need to wait to see if I have approved it. All comments are e-mailed and I do read them. However, the spam-trapper does a good job filtering over 90% of junk.

Today, I will break my all time site views record! Hot smile



Quote of the Day:
Work keeps us from three great evils, boredom, vice and need.
–François Marie Arouet Voltaire

Rick Santorum succeeds in minimizing Ron Paul

By Jennifer Rubin

Ryan Lizza wrote a column a few days ago citing the five things liberal journalists are rooting for in the Republican presidential primary, including a Ron Paul win in Iowa, a Jon Huntsman win in New Hampshire and a brokered convention. None of those things are happening, telling you how isolated from reality these political “gurus” are.


There is a special irony that the man who put Ron Paul in his place and thereby did his party a great service is none other than Rick Santorum, who is the Republican most despised by the left. His views on abortion and gay marriage, not to mention his robust foreign policy, are an anathema to the left. There is no candidate who has been more mocked or ridiculed than he.

But let’s consider what he accomplished in relegating Ron Paul to third place. He spared Iowa and the party more generally from the ignominy of rewarding the man responsible for racist newsletters and bizarre views on Iran and 9/11. In Lizza’s dream world, Ron Paul is the “winner,” no matter what the results. In fact, a pro-freedom, hawkish national security outlook triumphed. It was a central part of Santorum’s message, and it was a view embraced by Mitt Romney as well.

The GOP nominee, whether Romney or Santorum, will be staunchly in favor of a military option, if needed, to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. He or she will be exceptionally critical of Obama’s foreign policy, especially his treatment of Israel. He or she will be a robust defender of religious freedom around the world and opposed to the dictator-coddling stance that the left favors. He or she will be opposed to slashing defense.

Santorum also deserves credit for insisting that foreign policy be a key part of the campaign. He could have played it down, but in his stump speech and interviews he persisted in calling attention to the dangers the United States faces and in calling for ample defense spending. He disproved the notion that you have to talk purely about what the polls tell us voters want to hear.

In sum, the isolationist left should be glum. Santorum dashed their hopes that the kooky, isolationist segment of the electorate would get a real foothold. In doing so, Santorum showed he is in touch with the actual Republican Party, not the crackpot party that exists in the dreams of liberal reporters.

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