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Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you found something here that you enjoyed reading.

These computer run on Gentoo Linux!I am simply a right-leaning college-educated working class guy from Florida.  I have trouble tolerating blatant acts of stupidity from politicians or anybody else out there for that matter and am using this site as a forum to just let it all out.  Sometimes, I’ll talk about politics.  Sometimes, I’ll talk TV.  Sometimes, I’ll just talk about whatever pops into my head.

I appreciate everyone who stops by just to read something posted here or leave a comment.  Do me one favor though.  If you stop by, let me know that you did (whether it’s a like or a comment or whatever).  I like to return the favor of a site visit to my site with a visit to yours.  It may not happen immediately but I promise that I will pay a visit to your site to take a look around.

To all that leave a comment, I make it a point to try to respond to everyone who has something to say here.  Again, it may not happen right away but I do like to try to create some dialogue around some of the issues raised on this blog.

I also like to see if there would be somebody generous enough to help support my blog. I’m still in school working towards my degree, and it does take time to do research and come up with thought-provoking material, so I will encourage anyone to click on the donation button and be a blessing. If you have a business that you may want advertised, please let me know. Maybe we can arrange something. This blog gets many visits per day!

To anybody who’s site I’ve subscribed to, it’s because I read something on your site that I found interesting, made me laugh or was something that I was just glad I read.  I hope you read something here that you enjoy and makes you want to do the same.


2 responses to “About Actual GRIT

  1. Maggie Spruill January 31, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Is it true that Romney moved his entire campaign operation to China?

  2. Tina Thorsen January 16, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    Liked the article about Obama house gorclosure. Actually had me for a minute. Funny!

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