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Another Great Day For America

Mitt Romney, once again, proved that spending millions of dollars in a political campaign isn’t worth a spit if voters don’t like you.

Same goes for Rick – Oops – Perry.

Iowa also proved that a candidate with little money – Rick Santorum – can slug it out with the big boys the old fashioned way. And somehow Newt Gingrich, the target of millions of dollars in negative TV ads, still did well enough to stay in the race and make Mitt Romney’s political life a living hell.

Get your popcorn ready.

As I’m writing this the final tally has not been announced, but it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the final vote count Romney lost. He needed a big win in Iowa in order to be able to enter New Hampshire with his focus solely on defeating Obama. Now he still has to still fight it out with Gingrich AND Santorum.

The President could not have scripted a more favorable republican primary.

Mitt Romney’s bottom line: after campaigning in Iowa since he lost to Mike Huckabee in ’08, with a well run political organization on the ground and millions to spend blanketing the airwaves, 75% of Caucus goers still wanted somebody else.

Lots of people don’t respond well to Mitt Romney, and I think I know why. Mitt is not the top 1%, he’s the top .001%, which is fine. He may not have more money than God, but they belong to the same country club.

That’s not the problem. The problem is he tries to pass himself off as regular guy. He once quipped to a group of unemployed workers, ‘I’m out of work, too!.’ His blue jeans are pressed. He eats pizza with a fork.

The good news: The 2012 Presidential is officially under way. The process may not always be pretty and there’s too much money spent campaigning, but Iowa showed that money doesn’t always buy elections. Even though – technically – this was a caucus and not an election.

Regardless, it’s another great day for America.

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