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Holiday Crime Stories

I know what you mean. Chattanooga had alot of people get shot in gang violence early Christmas morning.

Nice Deb

The feel good crime story everyone is linking to today is theClerk who Punched Out Would-Be Stick-Up Robber, Then Made Him Clean Up His Own Blood While Awaiting Police, which admittedly, is pretty awesome.

But there’s also the thief in Santa Cruzwho made off with a big ol’ bag of dog poop after he mugged a 62 year old woman who was walking her dog.

A would-be mugger made off with something more malodorous than money Thursday morning, police said.

An unknown man approached a 62-year-old woman as she was walking her dog just before 10 a.m. on the 100 block of Dakota. The man demanded the woman she give him everything she had, and he said that if she didn’t, he would kick her dog.

The woman handed him a bag and the suspect fled. Unbeknownst to the suspect, the bag she gave him contained her…

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