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Obama flies dog from Hawaii to D.C. for Christmas photo-op

Today there is controversy on whether first dog Bo was flown back from Hawaii where Michelle and the Obama family are vacationing for a photo op after President Barack Obama and Bo appeared Wednesday at a store in Virginia.

Scott Miscovich, who lives down the street from the Obama vacation rental home on Kailuana Place told the Star-Advertiser Sunday, “My wife saw Michelle and the kids passing by and we’ve seen Bo (the Obamas’ dog) walking.”

White House spokespeople are obviously denying the story however the truth remains to be seen.

It would appear there are four scenarios:

1. Obama’s friends and neighbors in Hawaii were lying about having seen Bo and the first family walking.

2. First Dog Bo teleported from Hawaii to D.C.

3. First Dog Bo has a body double.

4. First Dog Bo was flown via presidential jet from Hawaii to Virginia so that Obama could get a Christmas photo-op.

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