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Why does Congress let Obama get away with it?

A question I have been asking since Barack Obama was inaugurated and began ruling this country like a dictator or king:  Why does Congress allow Obama to usurp their power with czars, executive orders, and presidential dictates?  Here are some thoughts on the situation.

Obama Fiddles

Executive Orders:

(Contrary to what Barack Obama apparently believes), Our nation was not founded to be a centrally planned socially straight-jacketed empire ruled by the decrees of a sovereign.

The problem with social engineering is that the engineers don’t know how to drive the train. More like a complicated machine than a single celled organism society is a collection of individuals. Human nature decrees that freedom of choice is an inherent part of our social DNA therefore a healthy society is one built upon the choices and decisions freely arrived upon by the individuals who make up the whole. It is the self-interest and self-direction of these choices which build into the productive life of a free society.  (big snip…..]

Today we have a government that is careening out of control and those we have elected to protect our rights by upholding the Constitution are abusing our rights and subverting the Constitution. Thomas Paine made it clear which was the cart and which was the horse when he said, “A constitution is a thing antecedent to a government, and a government is only a creature of a constitution. The constitution of a country is not the act of its government, but of the people constituting a government.”

We have clearly reversed the order. The cart is before the horse and the tail is wagging the dog. The use and abuse of executive orders have changed us from a nation of laws to a nation of men, from a federal republic with a limited government to a centrally-planned bureaucracy with leaders attempting to rule by decree. We know where they want to lead us. The question before us now is; will we go quietly into that dark night?

The above is a short excerpt from the article Executive Orders by Dr. Robert Owens at Hyscience.  Dr. Owens expresses a question I have asked many times and apparently there is no answer other than Congress has allowed the President to usurp their power and they don’t intend to do anything about it.  Which brings us to theKeystone XL Pipeline:

When did we come to the point where one man can stop a project like this all by his lonesome?

I guess when we stopped letting Congress do its job.

Congress is partly to blame for deferring so many decisions to bureaucrats (who “promulgate regulations”).

Congress needs to assert itself. (Don Surber)

Which brings us to the Courts in America.  Rush Limbaugh picked up on this discussion which was part of the Fox News Republican debate Thursday night with Newt Gingrich calling some courts ‘grotesquely dictatorial’.  The courts for years now have been the final word on all things, not just legal but also political.  That was not the way the Founding Fathers intended, yet here we are.

How do we turn things around?  I don’t have the answer but as Dr. Owens asks in his article, “…will we go quietly into that dark night?”.  It seems we already have.

Your thoughts?

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