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Newt Gingrich Really is Buying Cain Campaign Workers!

As a previous Cain campaign worker, I get an eMail from a political hireling seeking a suborn grassroots activists that supported a true conservative candidate for GOP nomination — Herman Cain. Most people know by now how the story went before Mr. Cain suspended his candidacy. It was revealed to me yesterday that most of the Cain staff is now working for Gingrich 2012. However, I won’t stoop that low!

Pasted below is a true email from the migrated Cain -> Gingrich camp:

Hi *****,

If you would like to step up and be a member of our phone banking team for Newt Gingrich, please fill out the leadership application linked below.

Thank you!

Moshe Starkman
Field Operations


Evidence To support Gingrich BUYING

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