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Wis. Election Officials to Accept Mickey Mouse, Hitler Signatures

MacIver News Service | December 13, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] The Government Accountability Board needs over $600,000 to verify the anticipated 1.5 million recall petition signatures against the Governor and several State Senators.

However, the process it will be using, which was unanimously approved by the Board, will assume every signature is from a valid Wisconsin elector… even if their name is Mickey Mouse or Adolf Hitler.

Testifying at a meeting of Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board, GAB staff made several stunning admissions Tuesday. GAB representative stated, on the record, that all signatures that include a proper date and Wisconsin address are presumed valid, even those of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler.

More than 540,000 signatures are required to trigger a recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The recall petitions will not be data entered by state staff. It falls on Walker, or other independent groups, to discover fraudulent signatures among the tens of thousands of recall forms submitted. If the signatures of Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler, etc are then discovered, they can be contested, but they are given the presumption of legitimacy by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.


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