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Obama’s Past Facts

Obama is close friends with unrepentant radical, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and has worked with him for 20 years.

Obama is close friends and a regular business associate with convicted real estate felon Tony Rezko.

Obama was registered as Barry Soetoro as a Muslim citizen in Indonesia as a child and spent 3 years in a Muslim religious school studying the Koran and saying Islamic prayers. “Agama” means “religion” in Indonesian.

Obama considers anti-semitic, racist demagogue Louis Farrakhan a great leader, good friend, and close ally. Farrakhan is also the Nation of Islam leader. Obama organized the “black solidarity” Million Man March with Farrakhan, lives in Farrakhan’s old house, and is neighbor’s with Farrakhan.

Obama has a half-brother living in a tiny, dilapidated hut in Kenya making $12 a year – whom he ignores while claiming “I am the least of my brother’s keepers.”

Obama is technically Arab-American, not African-American and would not be the first black President.

Obama refers in his autobiography to an influential mentor who was under investigation by the FBI for being a Communist.

Obama bases his political tactics on “practical” radical communist Saul Alinsky.

Obama’s ancestors owned slaves.

Obama voted against making English the official language of the United States and wants American children to learn Spanish.

Obama has blatantly lied about numerous past incidents in his life while preaching “Hope” and “Change.”

Obama has blatantly lied about his State and U.S. Senate record as well as about his Presidential campaign.

Obama campaigned with his first cousin Raila Odinga who was part of a regime in Kenya that overturned a legitimate election and helped an extreme Muslim group implement Sharia Law, the most ruthless and tyrannical implementation of Islam. Obama has been a dual citizen of Kenya since 1963.

Obama’s mother, father, and step-father were devout Muslims when they were alive and all of his African relatives are devout Muslims as well.

Obama has not released any public records, such as an official birth certificate, passport, college transcripts, school papers or thesis of any kind. Any attempt to find public records on this man is met with stonewalling and hostility, and the national Media completely ignores this.

Obama used a petition “hit-squad” to eliminate all 4 competitors in order to guarantee a win in his first election while claiming to support “fairness” and bring a “new kind of politics” to Washington instead of corrupt, Machiavellian tactics.

Obama made the racist slur “typical white person” against his own grandmother and implied that all white people were racist.

Obama is not only close friends with outright racists, but has made racist comments his entire life, even in his own autobiography, Dreams from My Father, that reveal him to be a a racist, hypocrite, and liar.

Obama’s militant campaign has caused children and teen-agers to swear their loyalty and allegiance to him.

Obama voted to give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants.

Obama voted to let babies die that survived abortions.

Obama paraded an erection around female reporters on his campaign plane.

Obama had anti-semtic postings and pictures on his Web site in a blog called “Socialists for Obama.”

Obama snorted cocaine and smoked pot in high school and college by his own admission in his autobiography.

Larry Sinclair has sworn under oath and has supporting documents that he performed oral sex on Obama in a limousine while Obama smoked crack cocaine in Illinois in 1999?

Obama considered a racist and anti-American demagogue his “spiritual mentor,” single most important influence, and close family friend for 20 years – so close that he had this man perform his wedding ceremony, baptize his children, and say a prayer with him to launch his Presidential campaign.

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